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happy holloween!
31 October 2009

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pearly strands
8 October 2009

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five hundred
20 July 2009

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9 March 2009

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28 December 2008

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18 June 2008

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28 December 2007

Recent Comments

Frédéric on reflection
Belle photo ! Spontanée et naturelle. Les enfants ne trichent jamais avec leurs émotions. Bravo !

Céline on snapdragon
Nice tones !

Albert Manso on snapdragon
Nice color!

Katalog Stron on snapdragon
great shot.Wish all the best and Happy New Year

Laurie on snapdragon
Pretty. I like the focus on the unopened buds.

Laurie on corn and burgers
Mmmmmmmm! Sweet white corn. My mouth is watering now.

Laurie on explosion of color
Love those colors. Beautiful.

rain girl on snapdragon
I love the perspective :)

Ronnie 2¢ on corn and burgers
Yup, it works. I'm hungry, now !

Wild Mustang Photography on snapdragon
Beautiful macro shot! Awesome color and detail! Love this! 5*****!

Judy on snapdragon
Pretty shot ... and not easy to find a good focal plane.

Sandy Weston on corn and burgers
I'm hungry.....this shot is awesome!

Sandy Weston on explosion of color
Striking shot of my favorite flower!

Sandy Weston on ready for the pool
A very cool Toby ;)

Sandy Weston on getting some air
Wishing I was back there and not having the worries .....

Sandy Weston on summer fun
Toby is a cute kid ;)

Sandy Weston on staying cool
The color in this is awesome! The contrast of the dog and the grass superb! Very cool shot in more ways than one ;)

Sandy Weston on taste of summer
Amazing DOF on the best looking burger too! ;)

Sandy Weston on summer sweets
Liking your food photos A LOT!!

Wild Mustang Photography on corn and burgers
Great composition and color! Love the contrasts of different textures! Superb!

Judy on corn and burgers
It looks delicious ... and I love the white corn!

Judy on explosion of color
Wonderful eye-candy, Chris ... almost good enough to eat!

Curly on explosion of color
Stunning Chris, really eye catching.

Ram on explosion of color
Great Capture..Lovely Colors.

Shahryar on explosion of color
beautiful :)

Wild Mustang Photography on explosion of color
Beautiful shot in composition and color! Very sharp and real! This needs to be in a magazine!

Wild Mustang Photography on snapdragon
Beautiful macro pic! Love this photo color and detail!

Ronnie 2¢ on snapdragon
I always class these as 'old-fashioned' flowers but don't quite know why. Perhaps because I remember ...

Ronnie 2¢ on splash!
This works so well as a cute triptych, Chris . . I like the 'gone' in frame 3 !

Stephen Phillips on splash!
Outstanding! The expression on her face in the middle image - looking straight to the camera is perfect - and then... ...

Judy on splash!
Great triptych, Chris.

Ronnie 2¢ on ready for the pool
Oh my ! . . kid looks ready to battle anything the world might throw !

Olivier on ready for the pool

See The Light on getting some air
Just a beautiful image...

Judy on getting some air
Happy youngster on a pretty neat swing!

Viewfinder on getting some air

Stephen Phillips on summer fun
The joy on the face and the tension in the toes - Excellent!

Viewfinder on summer fun

Judy on summer fun
Great action shot ... you stopped him beautifully!

Judy on staying cool
I love the splayed hind feet - Belle sleeps this way too. wonderful shot!

sam on staying cool
Oh very good very nice I enjoyed

Viewfinder on staying cool
Big smile for this one! I've got a soft spot for all dogs, especially when they make "sweet eyes" like ...

See The Light on memorial day
FANTASTIC image, I love it.

Viewfinder on summer sweets
Chocolate. Need I say more?

Yvon on summer sweets
j'en ai l'eau à la bouche, ce doit être délicieux

Ronnie 2¢ on taste of summer
ha ha . . I've just been reading of a local open-air event in London where all barbecues and roasts have been ...

Ronnie 2¢ on summer sweets
I'm piing on the pounds just looking . . these look outrageously delicious !!

Judy on taste of summer
NICE looking burgers!

Stephen Phillips on colors of summer
A beautiful - balanced - and well thought out image. I love the suggested motion in the background.

Viewfinder on colors of summer
The pink flowers shown out of focus in this great bokeh appear almost "electric/flourescent" vivid.

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