About Chris


I am a husband, a father, a son, and a brother - but most importanly a child of God. I am constantly looking for God in all of His creation around me, and trying to live my life so that people see God in me.

I started taking pictures in high school, and had a decent SLR setup (Olympus with a few lenses) by the time I got married after college. I upgraded to a Pentax SF1 (autofocus) and played around with that for a few years but could never find the time (or money) to take photography as seriously as I wanted to. We bought our first digital (Kodak EasyShare) a few year ago and I gradually became hooked again on photography. After coveting my friend's sweet Nikon set I finally took the plunge and bought a Pentax K100D in August 2007 (so I could use the old lens from my first Pentax).

I am strictly an amateur but learning all the time and trying to improve as I go. I hope to use my photography to look at God's creation in new and different ways and to use photography as a way to visualize His Word.

Photography Equipment

- Nikon D90
- Nikon 18-105 DX AF-S VR lens
- Nikon 70-300 ED AF-S VR lens
- Pentax K100D
- Pentax DA 18-55 lens
- Pentax DA 18-250 lens

- PaintShop Pro X
- Picasa3
- Photoshop Elements 6.0